Blurring Boundaries: Motherhood and Writing From Home AWP Boston

Friday, March 8, 2013, 10:30am until 11:45pm in EST
All you literary mamas headed toward Boston for AWP this week will want to mark your conference itineraries for this  — Blurring Boundaries: Motherhood and Writing From Home PB&Js and proposals; memoirs and math homework; poems and papers. With 24-hour broadband, online teaching, and project-based work, many more mothers are opting to work at home. What’s the cost, personally and professionally, of the public/private blur, and who’s paying it? Let’s talk about how the work-at-home arrangement is changing… both the writing life and the experience of motherhood in this writer-to-writer discussion with a culturally diverse, multi-generational panel of editors, full-time writers, freelance arts administrators, and college professors who work at their dining room tables.
Panelists include:  Kathryn Kysar,  Susannah Schouweiler, Leslie Miller, Keli Stewart, Patricia Smith Find us at Room 110 on the Plaza level of the Hynes Convention Center.
And for those who can’t make it to Boston this week because they are home with kids, Susannah Schouweiler has made it possible for you to join us via her blog:

New Pages Reviews Y

The lovely and amazing reviews just keep coming:  this gem from H. V. Cramond at New Pages arrived this week:

Y is Leslie Adrienne Miller’s sixth poetry collection. Miller, who teaches at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, writes a series of poems that might seek to solve a problem but instead problematize an over-simplification. The collection’s 53 poems explore the object boy-child from angles maternal, genetic, vocal, and neighborly, careful to leave nothing out, not even the gaps: “yes, we say yes to everything.” Interspersed among the poems are 16 adverseria, dialogue-objects that “set . . . discipline-specific voices against each other, as well as against the poems themselves.”  read more . . .